Bleeding gums are usually a sign of periodontal disease. To treat this problem, you will have to use special toothpaste.


When it comes to oral hygiene, most people think of the condition of their teeth. This is only a partial truth however, as the tissue that houses the teeth, the gums, are just as important. Swollen, inflamed and bleeding gums eventually will cost you your teeth!


The best natural remedy against bleeding gums is vitamin C. But if eating citrus fruits does not bring about the intended result, you may have periodontal disease. To cure that, you will need special toothpaste. We have reviewed 4 of these, and would like to bring them to your attention.


If your gums are bleeding after you brush your teeth and upon further inspection you can see that they are swollen and red, than you may have the gum disease gingivitis. Gingivitis is basically the result of bacteria procreating and irritating your gums in the process, which makes them sensitive and painful, and can cause them to bleed. Nevaeh toothpaste is designed to kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis specifically. Because of it’s strong anti-inflammatory properties, Nevaeh helps in returning your mouth to a healthy condition.


Nevaeh also sells specialty toothbrushes and mouthwash as well, designed like the toothpaste, to help in killing gingivitis causing bacteria. The toothbrush is super soft, and has thin strands, cleaning the mouth gently but effectively. Their toothpaste comes in a 75 ml container.  The toothpaste most often recommended by dental professionals against periodontal bleeding is Parodontax. It is most effective in battling the initial symptoms of gum recession, and also provides relief for the symptoms of periodontitis. The toothpaste is made from six herbs- peppermint, camomile, sage, myrrh, echinacea, rhatany root- along with mineral salts and bicarbonates. It is very effective in killing the bacteria that get caught between the teeth and in the nooks and crannies around teeth.


The taste is unusual, so it may take some time for you to get used to it. It does not taste minty fresh as you would expect from a toothpaste, but rather carries the aroma of the salts used in making it, but in a few weeks, you may even grow to like it. Parodontax is not only effective in preventing and treating bleeding gums, it also provides protection against plaque formation, and thus against tooth decay. The coenzyme Q10 is a very effective antioxidant, which has a positive effect on your entire body. It energizes the body, and helps the heart and circulatory system as well, and is also rumored to slow down the aging process. This many faceted enzyme is being used in dentistry as well. Zymbion Q10 toothpaste can restore alveolar balance and periodontal health. It can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and prevents the progression of free radicals. It’s active ingredient sucrose laurate negates the effects of harmful bacteria that live in plaque. The paste also contains high levels of fluoride and calcium.


After brushing, you should leave it on the teeth and gums for a few minutes, and than rinse with as little water as possible. It tastes good too, minty fresh and you will grow to love this product. Patients over thirty years old report that the main cause for tooth loss in their cohort is no longer tooth decay, but rather periodontal disease. Periodontitis can spread to your tooth sockets as well, which can lead to teeth becoming looser, and eventually falling out. Lacalut active provides effective help in maintaining good oral health through its strong antibacterial, -fungal and -viral properties. It is made up of tiny granules, which is good for removing plaque, which in turn prevents periodontitis. Its styptic properties prevent the gums from bleeding.


This toothpaste creates a thin film around the mucous membrane in the mouth, which insures that the gums remain flexible and tight, and prevents the gums from receding. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, patients should use it at least twice a day. It is an affordably priced, and if you want to be sure you are getting the most out of this product, you can also buy the Lacalut mouthwash as well.

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