Natural Toothpaste.

Meet Nevaeh Toothpaste.

Nevaeh is a natural toothpaste. We use all natural flavorings that come from essential oils. Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Our perfect blends are formulated and created for people who are mindful of the use of natural products in their daily oral health.

Why Choose Nevaeh

Animal Issues

Another big difference between certain types of natural and regular toothpaste is whether or not they test on animals or use ingredients that are derived from animals. Nevaeh loves nature and that is why we are natural, naturally Nevaeh.

Natural ingredients in toothpaste are an effective alternate to fluorinated toothpaste. We offer a commitment to our customers to avoid artificial colors, artificial flavors or fragrances, and artificial preservatives.
Health Concerns
Nevaeh toothpaste is committed to using only safe natural ingredients to promote both personal & oral health. Due to health concerns surrounding Fluoride, we have chosen not to include this ingredient in our formulation.


“Nevaeh helped create my dazzling smile! This toothpaste will be your best accessory, and it will go far. Discover what you need to keep your breath, teeth and gums in mint condition…”


Core Features

Healthy Gums

Toothpaste with natural ingredients will promote proper oral care and help to heal your gums. Nevaeh offers natural protection.

Helps to remove stains

Natural ingredients in toothpaste helps removes stains when you simply brush your teeth after eating or drinking.

Healthy Teeth

A healthy diet and proper oral care using a natural toothpaste will help to heal your gums.

Leave out the nasties

Your gums are like sponges and can easily absorb “nasties” like artificial colors. Stop putting synthetic chemicals into your mouth!


Using a natural toothpaste with antiseptic ingredients will counter many commercial toothpastes that contain harmful chemicals.

Freshens breath

Our natural wintergreen and lemon mint flavors will last for hours, ensuring fresh breath even when you eat and drink.


Natural Toothpaste

Nevaeh Wintergreen – $12.00


Natural Toothpaste

Nevaeh Lemon – $12.00


Natural Toothpaste

Nevaeh Peppermint – $12.00

Unique Action
Multi-Directional Brushing Technology

Nevaeh Electric Toothbrush – $69.95

Unique Action
Multi-Directional Brushing Technology

AKA Electric Toothbrush – $45.00 + $5 Shipping

Advanced Whitening Gel
Maximum Strength

Nevaeh Bleaching Gel – $99.95


100% Natural Silk Dental Floss
Mint Flavored

Nevaeh Dental Floss – $4.95

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